Watchman and the Virus

From VIRAL SPIRAL — A collection of poems by Sarah P. Ross


"The Food Bank"


I am Coronavirus
Destroying the life that has been
I’ve come to fool The Watchman
Who’ll not know when I begin.
Death is all around me
I wanted it this way
But The Watchman’s never ready
That’s what people say
So I am free to pillage
Raising death tolls every day.
Thousands at a time
A day does not go by
It’s amazing what I’ve accomplished
When I barely even try.
The Watchman says we’ve got this
With ventilators just not there
Tests and protection rationed
It seems The Watchman doesn’t care.
I’m grateful for The Watchman
He cares more for his name
So I will keep on killing
Cause this is our sick game.


"Crozier Our Hero"