The Walk

From VIRAL SPIRAL — A collection of poems by Sarah P. Ross


"People of Color"


Covid-19’s George Floyd
Killed by a cop
Demands police abuse
Needs to come to a stop.
Erupted with rage
Each night that did come
Masked protest to be avoided by none.
It wasn’t until
George’s brother did speak
That George would have wanted
To be effective yet meek.
Knees bent by even cops
Seemed this peace to reach each
Then one desperate day
The president made a vain speech
For cops to gas peaceful protesters
And make a victim of each
To clear a path for him to walk
Through his glorious breach.
Teargas clearing the way
For his photo op day
St. Johns turned into a stage
Brandishing a Bible, with unopened page
He cried “I’m law and order”
In front of God’s temple
Spewing all should heed his call
And worship his example.


"Rayshard Brooks"