The Re-Opening

From VIRAL SPIRAL — A collection of poems by Sarah P. Ross


"The Clean Air Experiment"


Liberate! Liberate! is the leader’s decree
States to open from quarantine, partially.
Business shut-downs have toughly hurt mine,
But is opening businesses early
Going to be the best time?
People tired from Coronavirus
Half don’t even wear masks,
Yet with cases still high they don’t even ask.
To “live and let die” is the motto of the day
As we ignore this virus
And go on with our way.
To observe social distancing
I will make a new plan,
But what if this virus
Comes back raging again?
Will help be there for me
After such money’s been spent?
We’re already spending
What to us has been lent.
Yes, startup costs money, and the risk is so high
With only half of my customers, why do I try?
I was promised a loan that never even came
The larger businesses got it
It’s always the same.
But I’m a small business of the U-S of A
I will re-build again
For this is a new day!


"The Reckoning"