The Nurse

From VIRAL SPIRAL — A collection of poems by Sarah P. Ross


I am a nurse to save lives, not this.
Amidst the need for more ventilators,
COVID-19 winning its death kiss.
People so scared, they don’t want to die.
No one allowed to visit, or be by their side.
No one allowed in, it’s now up to me.
We staff will be their family.
Who I’m here to save, I must just watch die.
This pain is so great, I can’t stop one more cry.
One more shift of this hell, lives counting on me.
But am I safe from this virus?
Too much need to just flee.
And will I bring this virus home to my family?
The air I must breath is so hot from this mask.
I’m told I’m lucky to have one,

to re-use it and don’t ask.
It has rubbed my face raw and imprinted it red;
The look of a hero is what they have said.
I am an essential worker,

the front-line of defense.
I must keep on going, though none of this makes sense.


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