The Flow

From VIRAL SPIRAL — A collection of poems by Sarah P. Ross


After drinking a beer
I looked where protesters would be
To see them there
But I had to pee.
Went to a park to find a restroom
Even it was locked
But I had to pee soon.
Nothing in sight so I sucked it all in
And thought how the protesters
Must have done the same thing.
Quickly to the store
To buy the protesters some flow
Water by the case
But the cashier said no.
To sell only one bottle at a time
I cried for George Floyd
This rule is a crime.
But my food stamps will buy them
So charge me my dear
When the old black man behind me said,
“Do you think that they’ll care?”
At that moment his pain
Showed a lifetime of wear
But I had to for the protesters
Despite his harsh glare.
The young black guy in line
As I passed by with my gift
Told me, “Good luck,”
Which was such a great lift.
Generations combined
So much to address
Yes, it’s about time we heal
Racial injustice!