The Covid Graduate

From VIRAL SPIRAL — A collection of poems by Sarah P. Ross


"Virus Inside"


The time has come for graduation
Where has it all gone, my education.
Covid-19 has changed it all
There’s so much to do
So I must stand tall.
Yes, this year has been bad
No prom or sports made me sad.
Everything changed due to isolation
How will I have a real graduation.
I must rely on my creativity
To hold my graduation virtually.
A split screen ceremony
The new normal the way it must be.
But I am a graduate despite all of this
Leaving childhood behind
For this social abyss.
It is up to me to impact mankind
I will seek out whatever
And control what I find.
A new world awaits
It’s all up to me
To graduate Covid-free
And throw my hat up with glee!


"The Delivery"