The Bills

From VIRAL SPIRAL — A collection of poems by Sarah P. Ross


"The Tip Servant"


What happened to my job
It’s no longer there
Coronavirus took it all
Does our leader care.
No money for the bills
Can’t even buy us food
Will we end up homeless
The prognosis looks no good.
What about my family
They each depend on me
How do I tell them
Now’s the way it must be.
Unemployment on the way
But it is not here yet
I wait for it each day
Today is it I bet.
But bills are very piled
With no real plan in sight
Hell, I know I filed
I’m going crazy from this fight.
Even if this check comes
What good will it do
Because after it’s gone
The bills won’t be through.
To live on the edge
Day after day
Is pushing me over
Help me, I pray!


"The Trader"