Rayshard Brooks

From VIRAL SPIRAL — A collection of poems by Sarah P. Ross


"The Walk"


I’m 8 years old today
Cause it’s my birthday
But Daddy’s gone away
We’ll never get to play.
He was shot by a cop
Who wanted him to stop
But my daddy ran
Til after two shots, he dropped.
Poor daddy was only asleep
In the fast food lane
Why didn’t they send him home
Instead, they killed him like game.
My daddy tried so hard
In a world that wouldn’t give
He would play his only card
Trying to just live.
Always by his chair
Is where I used to sit
Now he’s never there
I guess this is it.
You were supposed to be
A cop who did care
But you shot my daddy
Til he breathed no more air.
How it hurts to know
You kicked my dad as he died
To brag that you got him
That you shot what you tried.
Every day from now on
I will miss my dear dad
He was everything to me
My new norm is to be sad
But my mommy and me
We also feel mad!


"The Nurse"