My Nursery Rhyme

From VIRAL SPIRAL — A collection of poems by Sarah P. Ross


"The Abused"


Is there a world for me
I’m only a kid
I shouldn’t see what I see
Of this virus Covid.
My parents are not themselves
They drink all the time
With many fighting spells
They think this is fine.
Hunger seems to stay
The pain won’t go away
There is no school to learn
And no friends so I can play.
Fire’s on TV
The world is turned inside
There seems no hope for me
So I choose to hide.
Slapped abusively
There is nowhere to run
All I now know is this
Inside’s where I call home.
But when I look outside
At the world that I behold
The question on my mind
Is will I ever yet grow old.
In this Covid time
Life’s ladder I will climb
Past my parents’ secret crimes
For this is My Nursery Rhyme.


"The Nursing Home"