George Floyd’s Pandemic

From VIRAL SPIRAL — A collection of poems by Sarah P. Ross

geord floyd 01.jpg

Most didn’t know what happened
On this Covid Memorial Day.
While we honored our fallen veterans
Something horrific got away.
A man named George Floyd
Was grotesquely killed
His neck pressed by a cop’s knee
For nearly nine minutes held.
Floyd’s color was black
Thought to pass a fake bill
Yet the cop jumped on Floyd’s neck
To press his knee for the kill.
The city now burns, even the police station
The protest of this injustice
Has spread to the entire nation.
Enough is enough of allowing the bad cop
To kill our black people
With no laws making them stop!
I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe!
We’re sick of the lies!
No one has listened till now
They just left us to die!
Our masks are on
As protest has begun
And just like this virus
It won’t end ’til it’s won!