Crozier Our Hero

From VIRAL SPIRAL — A collection of poems by Sarah P. Ross


"Watchman and the Virus"


It’s Memorial Day again
But this one’s not the same
Covid-19 has invaded
In our land this is no game.
The enemy’s inside us
So to test is our new call
To be strong to fight this
Cause Coronavirus attacks us all.
But stats reports to leaders
I’m told’s what we must hush
To see the carnage from this
Makes my sad heart crush.
Platoons and VA’s loaded
With high cases to ignore
But no one is answering
The cry at our nation’s door.
Except for those like Crozier
Who sacrificed to save his men
Who were dying from this virus
On his ship contained within.
They removed him like a martyr
And defamed his precious name
At that moment I saw it happen
Shame’s what we all became.


"Governor Cuomo"