Cackling Coronavirus

From VIRAL SPIRAL — A collection of poems by Sarah P. Ross


Coronavirus everywhere
Even on TV
Kooky changes in daily care
Each so funny.
A virus to rule the way for each day
Forbidding to gather, to swim, dance or pray.
Shelves are so barren
Little meat is in sight
And the worst that could happen
No toilet paper to wipe!
The stocks have all crashed
No jobs for the bills
My ambition is trashed
Thank God for my pills!
Alcohol and drugs are the thrill for each hour
I can’t control this virus
But with these I feel power.
Home schooling’s a mess
The kids just won’t learn
It’s so hard juggling teaching
While doing my perm.
Masks on TV
Are the norm for each day
Broadcasts come from home
Each done their own way.
Sports have no fans
They’re not allowed in
There’ll be no loud cheers
When the victor does win.
All of this shows
That Covid-19 knows
How to laugh at our highs
And scoff at our lows.
Will a vaccine help
As this virus explodes
Alas, to drive coronavirus
To its cackling close.

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